terms & conditions of use


Terms & Conditions of Use

AIA AirPortal Service - Terms of Use


Article 1 - Proper Use of Service

The use of the provided AirPortal Service for unlawful, unethical purposes or any usage contrary to fair business practices and security best practices is strictly prohibited based on Domestic and International Laws and Treaties. AirPortal users are deemed to have accepted the Terms of Use for any services provided now or in the future through the AirPortal. Furthermore, any unauthorized actions taken against the AirPortal service with intent to harm through this AirPortal service any systems directly or indirectly connected to it and the services provided, in any way, shape or form, as well as any and all resources of any kind that are under the responsibility of “Athens International Airport S.A.” (hereon AIA) or AIA-approved third parties, will result in the relevant legal and disciplinary actions against those perpetrators, as these actions become applicable according to Domestic and International Laws and Treaties. 

Additionally, it is forbidden for AirPortal users to submit to the services and/or software, any data and/or Information which could lead AIA towards legal issues.
Therefore, any legal or disciplinary actions burden the submitting users (and potential Law Violators) themselves exclusively. The relative clauses for proper use of services which address content provided in the AirPortal through AIA-approved third parties are in effect as defined by the original services providers themselves (e.g. Google).

Article 2 – Credentials

You as AirPortal users shall keep confidential and secure all credentials, User IDs and passwords associated with their account (including the master account and any attached sub-accounts), whether such credentials have been granted by AIA or by yourself and to immediately notify AIA of any unauthorized use of the account, or of any theft or loss of credentials allowing access to the account. Each account is personal and can only be accessed and used by users duly authorized by your company. You recognize and acknowledge that may be liable for any unlawful, wrongful or fraudulent use of the account, and you shall indemnify and hold AIA harmless against any action or claim arising from such a use.

Article 3 - Limitation of Liability and User-Submitted Content

AIA holds no responsibility to you or to pay you compensation for financial loss or loss of opportunity, goodwill, reputation, business, revenue, profit, or savings you expected to make, or wasted expenditure, with regards to the following: any information or content which is lost, corrupted or mis-delivered; any damage to your computer system, internet access, download or display device or loss of data that results from the download of any material; any changes that AIA may make to the services or software; the unavailability of any of the services or software; any loss that could not have been reasonably expected because you have used the services or software for business; any loss you may suffer if you violate the Terms of Use in any way, including your failure to give AIA accurate and current information and/or data, or your failure to keep your password or account details secure and confidential. These limitations will apply whether or not AIA has been advised of or should have been aware of the possibility of any losses arising. It is also understood that information and/ or data submitted by AirPortal users to the service, which is false, untrue, mis-leading, inaccurate, deceiving, and/or refer in any way, shape or form to AIA or AIA-related third parties without explicit permission and approval, are the sole responsibility of the submitting users and any legal or disciplinary actions burden the submitting users exclusively. AIA is unconditionally not held liable for mistakes of the AirPortal user regarding the information they have access to (e.g. divulging internal information accessed through AirPortal to unauthorized entities or information misuse which leads to third parties receiving any damages). The relative clauses for Limitation of Liability and User-Submitted Content which address Content provided in the AirPortal through AIA-approved third parties are in effect as defined by the original services providers themselves (e.g. Google).

Article 4 -  Services Maintenance and Storage Retention

AIA continuously facilitates the maintenance of the services provided to the extent applicable, with a focus towards the integrity of the AirPortal and all of its content and continually exerts every effort to provide accurate and timely information in relevance to the services provided by this Site. This is an ever-ending process which takes place as circumstances within and outside of AIA’s control allow, at any given moment in time throughout the lifetime of the AirPortal. To achieve that, AIA may with or without warning, if circumstances will not allow it, perform technical or other operations on any part of the structure of the Site or the content which comprises the AirPortal, so as to offer better Services to its user-base. In doing so, users may experience service delays or interruptions of the Site’s responsiveness and/or functionality, which could potentially affect the purpose for which the user may want to interact with the Site. Any damages of any kind inflicted as a result of maintenance operations are, as described within the “Limitation of Liability and User-Submitted Content” section, not to be used as claims against AIA in any form or for any reason. AIA employs the use of security best practices throughout its various Business Units and company procedures, based on compliance with relevant Standardization Bodies and Regulatory Authorities, to provide and maintain high availability and security of the services rendered by the Site. The relative clauses for services maintenance and storage retention which address content provided in the Site through AIA-approved third parties are in effect as defined by the original services providers themselves (e.g. Google).

Article 5 -  Intellectual Property

AIA solely and exclusively owns all its related intellectual property with respect to the provided service. Specifically, for the AirPortal Services provided through the https://airportal.athensairport.gr WebSite (hereon “Site”), which includes any necessary software used in connection with the Services provided. Any content (as defined below) provided by AIA and AIA-approved third parties through the services is the sole and exclusive property of AIA and AIA-approved third parties respectively. The Site holds content which is used for the delivery and presentation of current and future services, and it includes: names, registered trademarks, signs, logos, information, sample documents, data, text, pictures/photographs, videos and other forms of multimedia, including elements which may in any way, shape or form express information and/or other resources related to AIA. Any unauthorized use of the content may violate Domestic and International Laws and Treaties, including copyright laws, patent laws, moral rights laws, trade secrets laws, confidential information laws, trademarks laws, unfair competition laws or other similar rights. The services may contain proprietary and confidential information that may be protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents or other proprietary rights and laws as previously described. Except as expressly permitted by applicable law or authorized by AIA in digital writing or handwritten form, Site users will not: use, copy, distribute, reproduce, adapt/alter, transmit, publish/distribute, store, translate, create derivative works from, rent, sell/trade, publicly perform or publicly display the services and/or any of the content or software. The same principle applies for third party content approved to be on the Site by AIA, as that content holds its respective copyright and other legal protection. Furthermore, unless explicitly authorized by Law or AIA, the users of the Site will not (and must not allow any other person to): copy, adapt, create a derivative work from, reverse engineer, reverse assemble or otherwise attempt to discover any source code, sell, assign, sublicense, grant a security interest in or otherwise transfer any right in the software and its source code. The relative clauses for intellectual property which address content provided in the Site through AIA-approved third parties are in effect as defined by the original services providers themselves (i.e. Google and OneLogin) and based on the applicable legal requirements.

Article 6 - End-User Information Privacy and Data Disclosure

As users of the Site interact with it, certain types of temporary or permanent information and data from the users might be stored within and/or pass through AIA-owned information and communications infrastructure, as well as the corresponding Infrastructure of AIA-approved third parties (i.e. Google and OneLogin). AIA, to the extent it bears responsibility and in order to properly respond to Site users’ requests and interactions towards the services provided, has implemented a series of protective measures with a view to safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation of the services-related information and data. AIA fully understands and protects the Right to Privacy of the Site’s users, ensuring that their information and data are not provided to any unauthorized third parties. AIA does not rent, sell or share information about you (including personally identifiable information) with other people or affiliated companies, except to provide products or services that you have requested, when we have your permission or in the following circumstances: to respond to subpoenas, court orders, legal process or to any legitimate request by authorities with which compliance is required, or to establish or exercise legal rights or defend against legal claims; to share, when we believe it is necessary, such information in order to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person (e.g. terrorism), violations of AIA’s Terms of Use, or as otherwise required by law; to transfer such information about you if AIA acquires, or is acquired by or merged with, another company. In this event, AIA may or may not notify you (as circumstances allow) before information about you is transferred and becomes subject to different Terms of Use. By viewing and/or using any of the content related to the Site, users unequivocally accept that they volunteer information and/or data to the services and/or software and that any information and/or data which they submit and is flowing through and/or being stored within infrastructure related to the services, may be used for purposes in tandem with the needs of the services provided. The users of this Site further unconditionally accept that certain content (i.e. cookies) may be pushed by the Site or created by the Browser and stored within the user’s device in order to facilitate proper services delivery and optionally user-oriented Services customization. Airportal, Google and OneLogin cookies are always stored only in the user's device browser. The relative clauses for End-User Information Privacy and Data Disclosure which address content provided in the Site through AIA-approved third parties are in effect as defined by the original services providers themselves (i.e. Google and OneLogin).

Article 7 - Jurisdiction and Conflicts

Any entity that feels there is any legal precedent regarding any action or event that has taken place with relevance to AIA and/or the Services provided, should expressively contact the relevant AIA Legal Department for a proper resolution. In the event a positive resolution cannot be agreed, resulting in a dispute about or involving the services provided, by using the services you agree that the dispute will be governed by the laws applicable in Hellas (Greece). In the event entities outside the jurisdiction of Hellenic (Greek) authorities are involved, in any way, shape or form, any International Laws and Treaties become applicable thereafter. Moreover, any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms of Use, or the breach thereof, shall be settled within a Court and according to the applicable at the time procedures, laws and treaties (Domestic or International). By using the Site and/or the services provided, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and that any violation of these Terms of Use will hold you exclusively liable and facing any penalties, as those are stipulated by Domestic and International Laws and Treaties.

Article 8 – Service Description

The Airportal platform facilitates the daily operation and communication of the Airport Community of Athens International Airport (AIA). The services offered by the Airportal platform to authorized users of the Airport Community include  - but not restricted to - Information Services (flight information paid service and phonebook including only “public” airport members’ telephone numbers), Document Distribution Services (applicable airport operations Regulatory Documents and Guidelines such as Aviation Safety Bulletins, Aerodrome Manual, Airport Emergency Plan, CDM Documentation etc.) and General Informative Material (airport community training, useful links, airport community general information, environmental info etc.).